SolarSpring GmbH

membrane solutions

Christaweg 40

79114 Freiburg



SolarSpring is a clean-tech company based in Freiburg, Germany, providing industrial waste water and water treatment systems based on membrane distillation (MD) and ultrafiltration (UF) technology.

We are one of the leading companies worldwide in the development of commercial products based on MD, a novel and breakthrough technology for industrial waste water applications and scientific investigations. The thermally driven process of MD is perfectly suited for the concentration and reduction of waste water streams or the separation of volatile components. The application of advanced membrane module concepts and the use of waste heat in our systems results in highly energy and cost efficient processes, compared to traditional technologies. In addition we offer integral solutions for decentralized water purification based on UF technology for households and small communities. Our products produce potable water from nearly any source of dirty or contaminated water and are powered by solar energy or energy from the grid.

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