May 2016: Award presented at world`s largest high school science competition. Alexis D’Alessandro is the winner of the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency´s Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award for her project that is currently providing clean drinking water affordable to a community in Africa. She was honored for providing a cost-effective alternative to reverse osmosis water purification: “Design and implementation of a Sustainable Permeate Gap Membrane Distillation System for Water Purification in the Turkana Basin of Kenya”. SolarSpring is pleased about this award as membrane module provider within this project.

The award provides funding for the student and the project will be displayed at    EPA´s P3: People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition and Expo for Sustainability in spring 2017 in Washington DC.

March 2016:  Current fields of application are: process water treatment, water purification, removal of volatile components in waste water streams and ressource concentration. Our MD systems are driven by low-grade heat (70-85°C), which is ideal in applications where industrial waste heat is available. SolarSpring`s MD systems allow a substantial cost reduction in waste water treatment compared to traditional technologies. It is an affordable and reliable solution to comply with environmental regulations. With the following systems, we can help you to investigate and treat your waste water streams:

MD-Lab for scientific investigations

This product is a high precision laboratory scale research equipment. It is available for research institutions and companies to conduct their own fundamental and feasibility test trials on MD for different applications and scientific investigations. This testing facility allows accurate studies of the MD process and has already been successfully sold to customers.

MD-Pilot for waste water treatment

This product allows the operation of the MD process with a very innovative flat plate module. The facility operates completely independent and is a suitable product for research institutions or companies to test and treat their own specific waste water streams.

If you are interested in our new MD products you are very welcome to contact us for further information: Gisela Vogt - Head of Sales & Marketing 


SolarSpring - potabilizadoras de agua descentralizadas con energia solar

May, 2015 -  SolarSpring creates a new video to assists two employees on their business trip in Peru, Latin America. This short marketing video explains the technology of our water purification systems based on ultrafiltration.

SolarSpring installed 4 more systems in field

Dezember, 2014 -  SolarSpring is proud to report 4 more successfully installated water treatment systems in field. Two of them are in India, each purifiying up to 10.000 litres of contaminated water per day with 100% solar energy. The other two are now in operation in Saudi Arabia and Spain. Here the application is seawater desalination with waste heat and solar energy.

SolarSpring received 1st prize Technology Transfer award 2014

November, 2014 -  SolarSpring GmbH and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) are the winner of the Technology Transfer Prize 2014, organised by the Technical University of Chemnitz. The prize was won for describing  the company SolarSpring as an excellent example of successful knowledge transfer from science into the economy.  

The jury awarded the innovative character and economic success of this knowledge transfer process and was also impressed by the numerous national and international cooperations SolarSpring has set up in various projects in order to implement their products into the field. The award (20.000 Euros) will be used to contribute to these ambitious goals by developing sustainable cooperations and projects.


50.000 litres per day with new WaterTrailer

November, 2014 -    SolarSpring has successfully finished a 6 month pilot test with the newly developed UF-WaterTrailer powered by 100% solar energy. The 50m³/day system delivers a constant water output throughout longtime operation without the necessity of added chemicals. The ultrafiltration module is cleaned automatically by an integrated system which produces hypochlorite from naturally contained water ions. This pilot test was a joint project with the German Company Autarcon GmbH, Kassel.

News from the R&D lab

October, 2014 -    Recently, SolarSpring staff have been working on a new testing facility for Membrane Distillation experiments. Depending on the nature of your substance, solution or mixture of substances, prestudies are an important step to developing a customised MD module configuration for your industrial application or closed material cycle.
With our new setup, industrial and chemically more aggressive or toxic substances can be processed and tested on e.g. different membranes and temperature profiles.  Please contact us with any ideas or questions you may have regarding the use of MD technology in your industrial, process or wastewater application. 
We look forward to hearing from you!

REAPower: Electricity from brine

October, 2014 -   On the 30th of September ended the EU Project REAPower with a final meeting and visit to the first salinity gradient power (SGP) first system being operated with real brine. SolarSpring worked extensively on up-scaling and improving membrane distillation (MD) modules and MD systems to produce high concentrate brine (eg. from standard desalination systems) to be used as feed solution for the reverse electrodialysis technology used in the SGP system. The advancements made by SolarSpring in the MD technology will not only help make the SGP and desalination processes more efficient but also can be used help protect resources and the environment in many waste water applications.

With the sun, drinking water for everyone

July, 2014 -   A short movie, 6 minutes long, with the title "With the sun, drinking water for everyone - Freiburg Allemagne" is available via YouTube since July 2014. It was produced under a series of similiar movies with other companies, in order to show the audience, what kind of "green careers" are possible in Europe. In this one,  SolarSpring GmbH,  Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) and the University of Freiburg provide insight in the work they do in the field of renewable energy and water supply. The film was done in German with French subtitles. The movie has been produced by the Laborator of Innovations, the engineers and trainers of the Afpa and cofinanced by the FSE. Thanks to the Afpa-film-team and all people involved ! 

SolarSpring water purification system installed in hospital in Peru

June, 2014 -  In cooperation with our partner a water purification system (UF0.1-Solar) has been successfully implemented in a hospital in Chumbivilcas, region Cusco/Peru. The brand-new system has been designed for mobile and domestic applications. UF0.1-Solar comes with a submerged pump and a 4-step-treatment incl. a  pre-filter, an UF-membrane with automatic backflush, an activated carbon filter plus UV-disinfection. The system produces 100 liters per hour drinking water and is 100% driven by solar energy.  Additional installations are foreseen in the near future in Peru/Latin America.

Jointly advancing solar driven desalination

June, 2014 -  SolarSpring GmbH  has installed a new solar desalination laboratory system at the University of Almería (UAL). The system was ordered by Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) and researchers of different Institutes will work with the system to further advance the membrane distillation technology.

Results already made with the previous system, already in operation at PSA were being presented by researchers from the team of Guillermo Zaragoza at the EDS (European Desalination Society) Conference on Cyprus in May 2014. At the same conference the Action Group "Renewable Energy Desalination” will be introduced, in which SolarSpring is also taking part. 


The Action Group "Renewable Energy Desalination" will promote the use of desalination powered by renewable energy, as an environmentally friendly and decentralised solution for sustainable water supply. The implementation of RE-Desalination faces several technological, economical, social and institutional barriers that will be addressed in this Action Group. The Action Group will coordinate and promote research, development and innovation on RE-Desalination, in order to support the development and commercialization of RE-Desalination products at concrete sites. Furthermore, the Action Group will address awareness raising & training and demonstrate market potential, in an international context. The promotion of legal structures and policies will be investigated to facilitate and drive deployment.

Source: eip-water.eu

Smart, cost-effective solutions for water treatment and monitoring in small communities in India

March, 2014 -  Fresh water of sufficient quality for human consumption is becoming a scarce resource and its availability is a concerning issue in India. Growing wealth and population create increasing needs leading to higher water consumption while quality standards for drinking water are being enhanced.

In this context SolarSpring joined an international consortium (Water4India) of european and indian expert companies and research institutes with the overall objective in studying the different centralized and decentralized options for water treatment at community level in India taking into account resource availability, management, treatment solutions, water quality, economic, environmental and social factors.

The chosen technologies will be applied in two places with different climatic and social situations that will constitute the pilot sites validating the developed work.

More info will follow soon.

SolarSpring GmbH is attending the International Water Summit (IWS 2014) in Abu Dhabi

January, 2014 -  From the 20th to the 22nd of January 2014 Martin Rolletschek will be representing SolarSpring at the IWS promoting there decentralised renewably driven desalination technologies. The International Water Summit (IWS) is a unique global platform for promoting water sustainability in arid regions and will take place this year at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. IWS brings together world leaders, field experts, leading academics and business leaders to accelerate the development of new sustainable water strategies and technologies in the UAE and across the Middle East.

SolarSpring will be in the UK Pavilion at the Stand: 3131 (Hall 3) with our partner Serene Alliance (CIC) Ltd.

Partner-Link: Serene Alliance (CIC) Ltd.

Environmental Energy Award 2013

October, 2013 -  The SolarSpring film clip (german version) for the Environmental Energy Award 2013 is now online.

SolarSpring GmbH received 1st prize Environmental Energy Award 2013

July, 2013 - SolarSpring GmbH received the 1st Prize of the Environmental Technology Award - in the category "Emmission reduction, treatment and separation. At the award ceremony in Stuttgart,11th July 2013 the environment minister Mr. Untersteller handed over the prize to SolarSpring-respresentatives Mrs. Gisela Vogt and Mr. Martin Rolletschek. The award points out the innovative character of improved MD-technology developed by SolarSpring. The MD-technology perfectly fits the desalination of seawater as well as the treatment of industrial wastewater, especially when wasteheat can be utilized.

Umwelttechnikpreis (homepage)

Press Release / Pressemitteilung (german) [pdf]


New product: UF-purification box UF0.05

May, 2013 - the UF-purification box UF0.05 is our newest and also smallest standard system e.g. for household, piloting or emergeny applications. The UF-purification box has a packed dimension of about 0.8x0.4x0.4m and weights 15kg  (grid-type) or 26kg (solar-type). It produces daily 500 liter of clean water in a 100% solar-driven operation or 1.200 liter when connected to the grid.

Please ask for further information and other capacities !

"Dream Team" solare Entsalzung - Sarasin Studie

April, 2013 - Solarenergie kommt künftig vermehrt zum Einsatz zur Entsalzung von Meerwasser. Davon gehen die Analysten der Schweizer Bank Sarasin aus. In Regionen wie den Golfstaaten, Australien, Zentralasien, den USA und dem Mittelmeerraum sei die Entsalzung eine immer wichtigere Lösung, um die wachsende Lücke zwischen schrumpfenden Trinkwasserreserven und steigendem Bedarf zu decken. Der Prozess sei sehr energieintensiv und verschlinge bis dato in erster Linie fossile Brennstoffe. Künftig dürfte sich der Einsatz dezentraler Solaranlagen zunehmend lohnen. Überschüssige Wärme aus der Stromproduktion oder aus Solarthermieanlagen könnte die Entsalzung befeuern. Weil Wasser einfach zu speichern ist, sei die Entsalzung ideal zur Nutzung der fluktuierenden Solar- und Windenergie. Die Systeme seien einfach skalierbar und können in Kombination sowohl dezentral Dörfer als auch in größeren Einheiten ganze Städte bedienen. Die Analysten sprechen schon vom "Dream Team Solare Entsalzung", das über ein "riesiges Potenzial" verfüge.

Bislang nutzten von allen globalen Entsalzungskapazitäten in Höhe von 78,4 Mio. Kubikmeter erst weniger als 0,6 Prozent die Sonnenenergie. Die größte Anlage steht in Australien und nutzt Solarthermie in Kombination mit Erdgas. Der Umsatz auf dem Markt für Entsalzungsanlagen wachse jährlich um rund 20 Prozent, von neun Mrd. US-Dollar im vergangenen Jahr auf 18 Mrd. Dollar im Jahr 2016. Saudi-Arabien sei ein wichtiger Testmarkt. Das heiße und trockene Königreich deckt mehr als 70 Prozent des Wasserbedarfs durch Entsalzungsanlagen. Dafür seien täglich 1,5 Mio. Fässer Erdöl nötig - die Hälfte des inländischen Verbrauches und rund 15 Prozent der Fördermenge des Landes. Basel (e21.info)


Safeguarding Water resources in INdia with Green and Sustainable technologies

November, 2012 - SolarSpring  joins the european-indian consortium of SWINGS to supply India with clean water. At a time with an urgent need to conserve water resources, efficient sanitation systems,  water recycling and re-use  play a key role in sustainability. They can ensure that the vital resource Water is recovered from waste and can be re-used at the same time as protecting human health and the environment. In particular, the SWINGS project will enlist already optimized municipal WW treatment concepts and combine "green" and sustainable technologies. The result will be enhances water recycling and re-use, decreased energy consumption, and production of useful by-products from the process as secondary resources. Thus, treated WW will be transformed to soil enrichment resource, to irrigation water, to aquaculture farm feed, via sustainable sanitation that safeguards the local drinking water supply in India. 
The starting point of the SWINGS project will be anaerobic digestion (AD) and constructed wetlands (CW) that will be configured with environmentally sustainable disinfection technologies.  

SolarSpring joins forces with german companies Autarcon and Deukum

October, 2012 - In cooperation with the company Autarcon GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems we are working on an innovative concept of a sustainable, containerized water purification unit. The 100% solar driven system will use Ultrafiltration technology in addition with Anodic Oxidation. The target is to develop a self-cleaning backflush strategy that allows customers to treat even very difficult surface water without the need to add any chemicals. Moreover the system will be equipped with a self-sufficient disinfection system in order to store or distribute the water without any risks of recontamination. The overall objective is to provide a system of low maintenance need and extremely low operational cost.


With the company Deukum GmbH we are working on an innovative combination of two desalination technologies. While Deukum focusses on Electrodialysis (ED) SolarSpring is one of the pioneers in Membrane Distillation (MD). The consortium approaches to make use of the advantages of both technologies and thus desalinate water in a very efficient way. A first prototype system will be installed in Cyprus.

SolarSpring receives "Selected Landmark 2012" award

June, 2012 - Solar- driven water treatment was at the centre of the Germany wide innovation contest “365 Places in the Land of Ideas” on 21st June 2012. The “Selected Landmark 2012”award went to SolarSpring from Freiburg with their highly innovative, decentralized water filtration and desalination systems.

SolarSpring, founded as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in 2009, specialises on membrane distillation and is one of the leading R&D pioneers in this field. The contest highlights ideas and projects that contribute to Germany’s future competitiveness and cutting edge innovation.  Christine Montigel, representative of the “Germany – Land of ideas” initiative, remarked: “SolarSpring with its solar powered water purification systems has managed to use the sun as a thirst quencher. This technology makes it possible to bring pure drinking water to even the most remote areas and can fight thirst and diseases especially in developing countries.”

The award was handed over to Marcel Wieghaus, CEO of SolarSpring, by Michael Hahl from Deutsche Bank. Michael Hahl praised SolarSpring for its visionary concept and said he hopes that this topic would get more attention nationally and internationally in order to help us build a greener future for our children. Marcel Wieghaus delivering his acceptance speech explained how with rising cost for fossil fuels this technology is becoming ever more relevant as it produces clean water on an energy neutral level.  SolarSpring’s solar-powered systems heat brackish or saltwater, channel the steam past a membrane, producing drinking water from the condensate on the other side of the membrane. The plants are robust, easy to operate and don’t require much maintenance.

SolarSpring is very happy to be awarded “Selected Landmark 2012” and thanks all its supporters and friends.


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SolarSpring is proud to announce partnership with Orange Point Technologies India

April 2012 - SolarSpring and Orange Point Technologies India have teamed up to bring India clean water solutions that are environmentally friendly and extremely low maintenance. 
Orange Point Technologies sources and localizes innovative technologies in the field of renewable energies for emerging markets. The Orange Point team has vast experience in market development, engineering and professional project management of technical products. European technologies and solutions are adapted to the specific needs of the emerging markets.


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Installation of a SolarUF plant to support the Hope Project in New Delhi

April, 2012 - A SolarUF plant has been installed in April 2012 for the Hope Project in Delhi, India. The Project includes a school and a community health centre amongst others for which it requires the highest standards of drinking water. It has been installed on the roof of the building to supply the whole project with safe and pure drinking water. For a visit or more information about the installed plant please do not hesitate to contact us.



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SolarSpring awarded "Selected Landmark 2012"

February, 2012 - Deutsche Bank and the landmark initiative “Deutschland – Land of Ideas” have nominated SolarSpring GmbH for the German competition “365 places in the Land of Ideas”. With their  project “solar-driven water treament system”, SolarSpring GmbH is among the prizewinners in the nationwide innovations contest “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”. The winning project was selected by an independent jury from a total of more than 2.000 entries. 

Die SolarSpring GmbH ist mit dem Produktthema „Solarbetriebene Wasseraufbereitungsanlage“ ein „Ausgewählter Ort 2012“ im Land der Ideen. Damit gehört sie zu den Preisträgern im Wettbewerb „365 Orte im Land der Ideen“, der von der Standortinitiative „Deutschland – Land der Ideen“ in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Bank durchgeführt wird.
Die Initiative unter der Schirmherrschaft des Bundespräsidenten und die Deutsche Bank prämieren jährlich 365 herausragende Projekte und Ideen, die einen nachhaltigen Beitrag zur Zukunftsfähigkeit Deutschlands leisten. Als Preisträger ist die SolarSpring GmbH im Jahr 2012 Botschafter für das Land der Ideen und repräsentiert das Innovationspotenzial Deutschlands.


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January 2012 - WirtschaftsWoche, a German weekly business news magazine, nominated SolarSpring GmbH as one out of 30 German GreenTec-Startups with the highest potential.


WirtschaftsWoche, 9.1. 2012  Nr.1/2.   >> READ MORE

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SolarSpring in Fraunhofer Magazine

December, 2011 - Fraunhofer Magazine published an article about SolarSpring GmbH with the title "sun quenches thirst".

You can download the article >> HERE 

or view the complete edition >> HERE

Also available in German as a podcast:


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SolarSpring engineers pioneer Membrane Distillation

October, 2011 - SolarSpring GmbH participated in the “International Workshop on Membrane Distillation and Related Technologies” organized by the Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM-CRT) in Collaboration with the Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials (University of Calabria).

Membrane engineering is today broadly considered as one of the most efficient way to implement a strategy of process intensification. Among the different operations, membrane distillation (MD) and related technologies represent a powerful tool to improve current production processes with fundamental benefits in terms of process efficiency and products quality.

The aim of the conference is to provide a common platform for scientific exchanges on new ideas and on the latest research works in the still young, but rapidly growing, field and its’ areas of application. The conference will explore all relevant aspects of MD and related technologies

Read more in the extended abstract to the given presentation "Membrane distillation - Experience in field applications and potentials.pdf".