Membrane Distillation

Membrane Distillation (MD) is a thermal driven, membrane-based separation process that is primarily suited to the treatment of aqueous feed solutions.

Any application where high-costly waste water streams have to be reduced, or a volatile component of a liquid stream has to be separated, MD comes in to application. Furthermore high-purity process water can be produced by MD systems.


SolarSpring water purification solutions are based on ultrafiltration, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection or anodic oxidation (AO) disinfection technologies. Ultrafiltration membranes filter out particles and microorganisms, making tainted water safe to drink. UV disinfection uses high intensity ultraviolet rays to destroy microorganisms in drinking water supplies. Anodic oxidation (AO) is based on an electrolytic process in which the necessary disinfectant is produced from the minerals in the water.