Villages, Hotel resorts or residential buildings

Villages, Hotel resorts or residential buildings profit from the highly pure drinking water produced with our filtration units. Contaminated wells, rivers, lakes or rainwater can be used as a source. SolarSpring systems have been installed in India, Columbia, Peru, Spain and Afrika and other countries.

Self- sufficient water supply
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SolarSpring Drinking Water Production

Our solar powered drinking water systems consist of a smart combination of filtration barriers. A disk filter, a sand filter, an ultrafiltration module, active carbon filter and a UV- disinfection leave no room for any contamination risks. All components are completely synchronized and operate fully automatic including the inbuilt cleaning intervals. With a filtration recovery ratio of 99% and an energy consumption of only 0,2-0,3 kWh/m³ of drinking water produced, our systems function very efficiently and are thus perfect for solar powered operation.

The included solar panels and PWM- charge controller provide the AGM battery with the necessary voltage to ensure a safe water supply also during the night hours. The system is controlled by a Siemens-Logo PLC and can be equipped with remote monitoring via 3G on request.


Flow chart SolarPurification

Flow chart SolarPurification



MBS- Standard

Clean water with clean electricity

Billions of people still have no access to clean drinking water or lack adequate sanitation. Residents of rural areas are particularly affected.

If drinkable water is needed far away from any infrastructure, SolarPurification can help. The system can produce up to 200,000 litres of clean drinking water per day even from heavily polluted surface and ground water.

Clean drinking water without chemicals

Several treatment stages make it possible that the drinking water is not only clean but also safe. The SolarPurification filters 99.999 % of all bacteria and viruses from the existing water – and this completely without the use of chemicals. This is made possible by a combination of ultrafiltration, activated carbon filtration and UV disinfection.

High-quality components, automatic operation with PLC and online monitoring characterize this compact water treatment system.

Low maintenance and solar powered

The maintenance of the system can be carried out on site by any plumber. A notification of the need for maintenance can be sent by email or SMS if required. The system requires a mains connection for operation. Alternatively, the SolarPurification can be equipped with solar modules, PWM charge controller and an AGM battery, so that it can produce clean and safe drinking water almost anywhere in the world. To protect the SolarPurification from external influences, it is installed and supplied in a robust powder-coated steel cabinet.

Technical features:

  • 5 treatment stages
  • Retention of 99.999 % of all viruses and bacteria
  • Solar powered
  • Chemicals free
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple plug’n play installation

Data sheet download MBS-Standard-0.25 pdf

Data sheet download MBS-Standard-0.5 pdf

Data sheet download MBS-Standard-2.0 pdf


SolarSpring’s MBS-Wall-Mounted is a compact and innovative water treatment system. The system guarantees a reliable and safe water supply from polluted and microbiologically contaminated water sources without the use of chemicals.

Technical data:

  • Nominal flow rate: 100 – 600l/h
  • Energy consumption: 8W
  • Weight: 32kg

Data sheet download MBS-Wall Mounted-0.25

Data sheet download MBS-Wall Mounted-0.5


WeTu – Siemens Stiftung, Kenia Victoria See, MBS 0.5
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Africa Solaire, Kongo, 2019, MBS 0.5
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Höhengasthaus zum Kreuz, Schwarzwald, 2018, MBS-Standard
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Africa Greentec, Mali, 2017: UF-System 2.000 l/h
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ColEnergy, Kolumbien, 2019, MBS-Standard für Polizeistationen
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Colenergy, Bogota, 2015: Portable UF-System 100 l/h
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Incover, Innovative Eco-Technologies for Resource Recovery from Wastewater, 2019
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little big world e.V., Indien, 2017: UF-System 250 l/h
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Bergfreunde Münstertal, Stangenbodenhütte, 2019, MBS Wall-Mounted
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Mahesh Foundation, Belgaum, India, 2015: UF-System 2.000 l/h
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Swings Project, Aligarh, India, 2014: UV-System 1.300 l/h
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Swings Project, Kalyani, India, 2014: UV-System 350 l/h
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UFCl2 Project, Freiburg/Kassel, 2014: UF-Trailer 2.500 l/h
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UFCl2 Project, Freiburg, 2013: 2-string parallel UF-System 50 l/h
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Orangepoint Technologies, Delhi, Indien, 2012: UF-System 500 l/h
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The MBS-Outdoor from SolarSpring

is a compact and innovative water
treatment plant.The
system guarantees a reliable
and safe water supply from
contaminated and microbiologically
contaminated water sources
without the use of

Tecnical data:

  • Nominal flow rate: 50-200l/h
  • Energy consumption: 40W
  • Weight: 22kg

Data sheet download pdf