Research institutions, universities and laboratories choose our customized membrane distillation units for their own investigations, which we are happy to assist with if requested. Research with our laboratory systems is being conducted for example in Qatar, Riyadh and Spain.



The main customers of our MDLab are universities, institutes and companies who conduct research and practical studies on membrane distillation. This highly precise laboratory set up is fully automatic and suitable for the investigation of all aspects of the membrane distillation process as well as material research e.g. on membranes. The MDLab is equipped with a flexible test cell, which can encompass any MD channel configuration or material sample. Our MDLab system can be visited in Freiburg on appointment for a full demonstration.

Technical information:

  • 120 cm x 140 cm x 85 cm
  • Fully automated
  • Tablet controlled (Terra tablet included)
  • Customizable according to specific rquirements
  • All MD channel configurations possible
  • Suitable for continuous operation

Power supply required

Data sheet download pdf

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