SolarSpring Publications: Techno-economic comparison of membrane distillation and MVC in a zero liquid discharge application

Abstract Membrane distillation (MD) is a thermally driven membrane process for the separation of vapour from a liquid stream through a hydrophobic, microporous membrane. However, a commercial breakthrough on a large scale has not been achieved so far.Specific developments on MD technology are required to adapt the technology for applications in which its properties can […]

SolarSpring Papers: Membrane distillation: Solar and waste heat driven demonstration plants for desalination

Abstract The development of small to medium size, autonomous and robust desalination units is needed to establish an independent water supply in remote areas. This is the motivation for research on alternative desalination processes. Membrane distillation (MD) seems to meet the specific requirements very well. This work is focused on experimental studies on full scale […]

SolarSpring Publications: Air gap membrane distillation for hypersaline brine concentration

Operational analysis of a full-scale module – New strategies for wetting mitigation Abstract Membrane distillation (MD) is a thermal separation process which possesses a hydrophobic, microporous membrane as vapor space. A high potential application for MD is the concentration of hypersaline brines, such as e.g. reverse osmosis retentateor other saline effluents to be concentrated to a near saturation level with a Zero Liquid Discharge process chain. In […]

SolarSpring Newsletter: Its Mai, which is a month Full of All new Things!

Dear Partners, respected Customers, from the 14th-18th of May, SolarSpring was at the international trade fair for environmental technologies IFAT in Munich. Needless to say, we made a lot of great new contacts and really enjoyed interacting with the crowd. We look forward to following up with all the new membrane distillation and ultrafiltration enthusiasts which we […]

SolarSpring is now research partner in the “Re-Salt” project

SolarSpring ist stolzer Partner von Covestro bei dem “Re-Salt” Projekt. Das Projekt beschäftigt sich mit der Wiedergewinnung von Salz (NaCl), welches in industriellem Abwasser enthaltenen ist, und dessen Rückführung als Rohstoff in die Chlor-Alkali-Elektrolyse sowie der Weiterverwertung des anfallenden Wassers. Die Forschung im Rahmen des Re-Salt Projektes umfasst folgende Punkte: Entwicklung der Spurenstoffanalytik in stark […]

SolarSpring GmbH has a new office!

The SolarSpring GmbH Membrane Solutions team has moved offices! We’re now located at the “Freiburg Solarhaus” at Christaweg 40, 79114 Freiburg, Germany. This building is a pilot-project of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. It generates all required energy through the solar panels around its outside walls, and is therefore independent from external energy […]