SolarSpring’s MD Lab provides research institutions and universities with a reliable and safe testing environment

Research institutions, universities and laboratories choose our customized membrane distillation units for their in-house investigations, testing and model validation. Research with our laboratory systems is being conducted in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

More and more, membrane distillation is being used in industrial applications. For this reason, SolarSpring GmbH and Fraunhofer ISE designed the MDLab plant back in 2015.

Over the years, the plant has become a sophisticated fully automated membrane distillation machine. It can be used to test all conceivable channel configurations and liquids up to highly concentrated acids with the highest precision and reliability.
Many of our customers use the test cells, which are offered in various sizes, to test their own membranes. Here, the tests go far beyond a LEP (Liquid Entry Pressure) test.

The system is able to automatically run pre-set test points and thus characterize membranes and/or liquids.
The built-in remote control allows to monitor the progress of the tests from the office or to intervene if necessary.

An integrated and pressure controlled vacuum pump allows the system to be run in VMD (Vacuum Membrane Distillation) mode. The external compressor can cool as well as heat. This means that all relevant temperature spreads can be set and run with an accuracy of 0.1K.

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