SolarSpring Newsletter: Eventful times, great news

Dear Partners, respected Customers,

You have not heard from us in a long time? Apologies, but recent events have been keeping us very busy. SolarSpring moved to a great new and better venue, we have developed and entirely new product and have a brand new webpage….plus a trip to South Europe.

More space, yet better connected

Anyone can image the work and sweat involved in moving, especially for an entire company. Admittedly we really enjoyed the process due to the amazing new premises. SolarSpring is now located in the “Solarhaus” in the Christaweg 40 in Freiburg. It comes with all the things we always wanted; lots of space for employees and equipment and space for new ideas and creative development. We also surprised ourselves at how smooth the move went thanks to smart planning, packing and rebuilding out structures…seems being a motivated team of engineers, craftspeople and inventors pays off now and again.

The small system that can do it all – Meet the MDLab

Universities, institutes and companies are using MDLab on the basic research of membrane distillation.

We developed this system especially for researchers and test lab users. The MDLab is only the size of a lab rack but comes with a vast range of functionalities for membrane distillation testing an research. Thermodynamic studies, membrane and material investigations – all is possible with the MDLab combined in one single unit.

Customers in Spain (CIEMAT), Germany (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and Saudi Arabia (KACST) are already using the new facility for their MD-research.

SolarSpring goes south

In order to see our new MDLab system “in action” we travelled to a valued customer and old friend at the institute Plata Forma Solar de Almeria. Some very interesting research is happening here on the influence of high salt concentrations on different membranes. Its also always fascinating to gain some insight on the way things work on every day working life in countries all around the world. Lessons learnt on this trip: Never travel to the desert without a hat!

To be continued…

2018 looks like it will be a very exciting year for all of us at SolarSpring. A new MD plate-and-frame module type will be launched this year! We will keep you posted in the next newsletter.


Yours sincerely,

Daniel Pfeifle, CEO